There are many different aspects to building surveying from building surveys of both commercial and residential properties to inspecting and analyzing specific defects.  





This is not the type of damage you would want to find in your new dwelling.  A dry rot attack caused simply by blocking off air vents beneath the floor.


Building surveyors also have to consider where may problems may or may not exist:




There are therefore many areas where we can be of assistance when it comes to dealing with property and we have noted just a few areas below for information.


Individual defects and problems within properties can be inspected and reported upon for potential purchasers, insurance claims or peace of mind – this is often found after initial valuation when purchasing new property.

Even if your plans are drawn and your schedules prepared, you may wish to have the benefit of on-site supervision of work that is being carried out.  We can provide a level to suit any requirements.

This will ensure that all construction is carried out to the correct standard and take any worries away from the project.

Clients who wish to construct residential property, but are not using an NHBC contractor, or warranty system, can take advantage of our tailor-made certification inspections, which can only be carried out by chartered surveyors or architects.  This will provide the correct paper work should you wish to sell, or require lending facilities for the project.

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