The one thing Chartered Building Surveyors get frustrated about is not being able to properly inspect certain parts of a building, especially where large and intricate roofs are involved! Historically this meant the hiring of a hydraulic platform to get the surveyor in the air.

Was there a better way in 2017?  Well everyone seemed to be talking about drones and what they can do so our MD decided he needed to know if this was the way to move forward.  Much research later and he is off taking the necessary examination and flight test to obtain permission to fly commercially.  A big thanks goes to Coptrz for providing all the necessary advice and approved course to achieve this level.

“…here at Coptrz we will provide you with all the professional help and training required to gain that all important PfCO license”.

So Drone Dimensions was born and this whilst the commercial drone work will provide much needed assistance to the existing chartered surveying practice it is there for general consumption too!  So if you require those inaccessible areas inspecting contact us today to see how we can help.

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Anyone undertaking commercial aerial photography must, by law, have approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to undertake this type of work.  Our PfCO license number is 4463 and anyone using a drone for commercial activities must have this license or they are flying illegally.

If you also take a look at the other pages on this website you will see we have been providing professional services to many clients and dealing with many different types of building.

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