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Refurbishment Project Completed

We have recently completed a refurbishment project where the existing roof had to be removed complete and a new framework built in to the already mis-aligned walls!

The original roof frame!

The building was also suffering from structural movement and it was necessary to carry out serious underpinning works, all monitored by our chartered surveyor who is experienced with all property surveying matters.  The existing cracks also had to be stitched and repaired and further restraint added to the main walls.Once the lead supply pipes had been removed and the drains replaced the rear yard could be re-laid with new paving stones. 

New roof framework added to the property.

Structural movement under repair

Following completion of the structural work to the property internal and external finishes were repaired and completed.

More structural work to the frontage.

The completed building.

Hopefully the owners will now be able to find a new tenant for the offices.
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